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Nespresso Retail Jobs

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Coffee Specialist is More Than a Job Title

The customers that enter any of our 700 boutiques are often just as unique as the people that work with us. That makes our approach to retail make sense: we simply let them blend naturally together. What emerges is a place of robust connection with generous notes of opportunity. 

Having previous retail experience isn’t necessary to join our team. Our best and brightest are often people who are adaptable and able to think on their feet. They’re team players, and they let their personality shine through. And while the work is ever-changing and exciting, the opportunities to learn and grow are, as well. When you first join our team, you’ll undergo a training period that sets you up for success well beyond your first day. 

From Coffee Specialist to Boutique Team Leader to Boutique Manager, we have a path that will suit your career aspirations. And with stores in over 58 countries, we’ve likely got just the place for you. 

Opportunity That Matches Your Every Step

Working at our boutiques means helping customers capture moments of delight and tasteful living. In return, we make sure that you have access to a depth of opportunity with career planning, training, and possibilities for advancement. In fact, many employees in our CRC centers, corporate offices, and in higher-level positions began their work with Nespresso in our boutiques.

Below are a few of he roles that you’ll find in our boutiques, but they all have something in common – there is room for growth in each and every position. 

Taking a holistic view of the boutique, you would be responsible for the work that makes every day run smoothly. You could even be called on to take your talents and expertise to a new location. As we continue to expand in every market, it's roles like this one that make sure the experience for our customer stays sublime.


"At Nespresso, every day, I am inspired and motivated working with people who embrace our diverse and inclusive culture; focusing on making the world better place. Being your authentic self at work creates a better and healthier career. I am proud of the career I created at Nespresso. I give everything to Nespresso in part because I know I’m going to get out of it what I put into it." - Elcin, Retail Store Manager, New York


”The variety of flavor and innovation we bring is unmatched just like the unique coffees and individuals that bring that experience to life within these walls." - Krystal, Retail Store Manager, California

As a remarkable co-leader to the Retail Store Manager, you will have an exciting opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills as you lead store operations, implement new and creative strategies to ensure sales and profitable performance.


"Nespresso started as a job that revolved around coffee however, very quickly it became a career surrounded by leaders empowering my skill set and continuously encouraging my growth. I am thrilled to work for a company that is more than just coffee, where I can be my authentic self with a team that is just as passionate as I am about coffee, sustainability, the community, and each other. " – Patricia, Assistant Retail Store Manager, Illinois


“Working at Nespresso means being included. No matter the nationality, gender, race, age, and other diverse backgrounds, people with passion towards coffee and hospitality SHINE. We grow together personally and professionally. Truly "sky is the limit" within the company.” – Meri, Assistant Retail Store Manager, Washington

A great team takes an exceptional leader. Throughout the day, you'll make sure everyone has what they need to reach our high standard of service excellence. From helping fellow employees to assisting customers, you'll inspire tasteful living while leading by example. 


"Over the past five years Nespresso has been great at giving me the resources to grow within the company and the opportunities to give back to help others grow as well. They aren't just another company that says 'We take care of our own" because over the years I have been able to witness firsthand the love and care they have towards their employees. Our culture in Nespresso isn't just a regular day-to-day, it is knowing that we Inspire, we Care, we Act, and we Innovate, and these are the reasons why I love what I do." - Maria, Retail Sales Supervisor, New Jersey 

A linchpin of the boutique, your knowledge will cover just about everything Nespresso. From capsules to machines, you'll help customers find exactly what they need – even if that's simply a cup of coffee. And here, that cup of coffee could delight someone at just the right moment.


"Working at Nespresso has created many opportunities for me that I never expected -- from meeting new people to getting educated about the world of coffee. I wear many hats on the job, which keeps it interesting. In less than a year I now find myself in a great position where I genuinely enjoy what I do, and my Nespresso team feels like my second family." - Salvador, Sr. Retail Sales Associate, New York


"Nespresso provides a sense of community within the boutiques and beyond. Several coffee moments have become lasting coffee memories, both at work and at home." - Rachel, Sr. Retail Sales Associate, California

Demonstrated organization, a collaborative spirit, and a commitment to the customer experience. You’ll maintain all boutique inventory, managing our stock room and ensuring that our customers are able to find the products they know and love.

Meet Our Unique Team

Diverse and passionate people keep our boutiques hubs of excellence and service. And much like every variety of our coffee, each of them has a one-of-a-kind story to tell. If you’d like to take a deeper look into what it means to work in our boutiques, explore some of the profiles below. 

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Alyson, Assistant Boutique Manager

I was attracted to working at Nespresso because of the coffee, of course. The quality is just so great, and I truly enjoy drinking coffee. After working with Nespresso for five years, I still feel like there’s a lot of room to grow. I went from a Boutique Coffee specialist to a Team Leader to an Assistant Manager at the concept store in New York. So that proves that there is a lot of mobility and a lot of options working here. Even my lateral moves have been pretty cool and interesting! I went to San Francisco to work on a temp assignment for six weeks. Another time, I went to Florida to meet with the supply chain group. It’s all been such a great chance to learn. 

Outside of these being great opportunities, they also show the level of responsibility employees are given here. This is a different environment than anywhere else I’ve worked. Nespresso puts a lot of time and investment into training employees. Knowing that, and seeing it in action, makes me want to stay and makes me feel like I have a future here. As long as you are open to it, there are always opportunities to do cool things and to learn. 

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Christopher, Boutique Coffee Specialist

I’ve worked at a few of the boutiques, but now my home is the Madison Avenue location in New York City. Moving around gave me the chance to interact with a lot of other employees. Plus, I got to learn from other people and their experiences. So now I have a lot of knowledge about the brand and the products. 

My day-to-day involves learning about the coffees and the machines and then using that knowledge to help customers with any questions that they might have. Interacting with customers, working one-on-one with people – I love it. And the customers that come into the store are so great. They are passionate about the company, the machines and the products. It makes everything so much more fun. 

That passion our customers have? People that fit in well in retail at Nespresso should definitely have passion. With that, you should also bring a positive energy and an open mind. You have to want to expand yourself and learn. Because everyone is willing to try to do things differently here, and to see what works and what doesn’t work. Another great thing about working here – we’re always looking for challenges and ways to do things better. So, I’d say working here takes a level of creativity too. If you have those things, you’ll fit right in and do a great job. 

Supporting Our People

We offer comprehensive total rewards including competitive compensation, healthcare, and wellness programs, in addition to enabling our employees to maintain a strong work-life balance. Free Nespresso machines, coffee product allowances, complimentary uniforms and cleanings, and commuter benefits are just some of the additional perks we offer when you join our team at a Nespresso boutique.

Nespresso Achieves B Corp Certification

We're proud to join a global community of purpose-led business that meet high standards of social and environmental responsibility and transparency.

Available Nespresso Retail Jobs
Company Job Title Location(s) Job Function Job ID
Nespresso Retail Store Store Manager
  • San Diego, CA
Retail 202044
Nespresso Stock Specialist
  • Paramus, NJ
Retail 202301
Nespresso Retail Sales Associate
  • Austin, TX
Retail 202300
Nespresso Retail Sales Associate
  • Paramus, NJ
Retail 202336
Nespresso Retail Sales Associate
  • Scottsdale, AZ
Retail 202074
Nespresso Retail Store Key Holder
  • Bloomington, MN
Retail 202039
Nespresso Retail Sales Supervisor
  • Sherman Oaks, CA
Retail 202040
Nespresso Retail Sales Supervisor
  • Canoga Park, CA
Retail 202042
Nespresso Senior Retail Sales Associate
  • Skokie, IL
Retail 201728
Nespresso Retail Store Manager
  • Chicago, IL
Retail 200945